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21 May 2014 @ 11:49 am
In which Sky buys books and sees Journey in concert.  
I'm going to try posting more like once a week for a while, and see how that goes? It's been a week-ish since my last post, so here we go.

• I did the graduation thing, and actually had a pretty good time. I had no idea who was going to be speaking, but they got a local artist to do the commencement speech, and I thought it was pretty good. I was pleasantly surprised. There was a student speaker who was a student I'd literally never heard of or met, but that's not surprising. Since I never lived in the dorms, I was never really forced to mingle with students from other programs. I only knew the few who had been in various classes for Core requirements. Anyway, it was a nice ceremony, shorter than I thought it would be which was nice, and it felt like a good conclusion to my time at the university.

• My grandparents (father's side) came, as did my mom and stepdude. There was some shuffling around and seeing one group for lunch and then the other group for dinner, but it worked out well and went much smoother than I thought it would. For four days I ate really well, and much more diversely than I generally feed myself. (I don't eat badly, really, but I will happily eat fruit for breakfast and then salad for dinner four days in a row. So.)

• I got an entirely unexpected, and extremely generous Amazon gift card from a friend of my mother's, and I already went and spent about half of it. With my Prime membership I get free 2-day shipping, so the first installment just got here. I got:
→ Books 5-7 of seanan_mcguire's October Daye series, although book 7 is the one book that will be getting here tomorrow. I have all the books on my Kindle, but I need them in hard copy. (More on that in a moment.) No, I don't already own books 1-4. I got the ones I like best first, and I'll get the rest soon.
→ Books 5-7 of Patricia Briggs' Mercy Thompson series. I do actually own books 1 and 2, but again I got the ones I like best first, and I will fill in the series later.
Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell, because I super loved it. And also because it has art by Noelle Stevenson ([tumblr.com profile] gingerhaze) for the cover. And because... I just... it spoke to me, okay?

• I also got my trip to England and Ireland in August as a graduation present from my mom and stepdude. Pardon me if I seem somewhat sedate when I say that, I just don't know how to accurately express the levels of excitement I'm feeling in text. But yeah. I am SO. EXCITED. I'll be going to WorldCon in London and then ShamroKon in Dublin, both of which will be attended by seanan_mcguire, hence the need for books she can actually sign. Patricia Briggs will also be there, so I will get some of those books signed too. (Note to Self: Figure out how many books I can actually take with me.) I've already started looking at some things I can do in London and Dublin while I'm there, and I think it's going to be a good time!

• This one isn't really a graduation present, but it coincided with graduating anyway: I saw Journey in concert last night! It was awesome! (It was actually Tower of Power -> The Steve Miller Band -> Journey, and even Steve Miller was pretty awesome. You know, Fly Like An Eagle and all.) I didn't actually scream myself hoarse, but my throat is a little sore and scratchy today. It was interesting to watch Journey play with their replacement lead singer, who they found on YouTube. Imagine being asked by a band you really like to come sing with them. And not just sing with them once, but come sing with them all the time! There's not a good writerly analogy for that, but I guess it would be kind of like if my favorite author decided they didn't want to keep writing their series and would I please take over. Anyway. It was interesting.

• I'm not currently wearing my Journey t-shirt that I got last night. It's white, and it seems like it might rain. Not that I'm planning on leaving the house. But, you know, better safe than inadvertently winning a wet t-shirt contest that I'm the only contestant of.

X-Men: Days of Future Past comes out at the end of this week, and I have tentative plans to see it next week, I think. I am really looking forward to more James McAvoy (terrible hair and all) and Michael Fassbender. Oh yes. And all those other people too. And Hugh Jackman. Can't forget about him.

Yeah, I think that's all for today. More next week, I guess.

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